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Custom Cerakote by Elliot White Gun Co. 

Elliot White is extremely passionate for the creative art of Cerakote. We are offer the most unique and artistic custom Cerakote in the DFW metroplex. Each Cerakote project is meticulously crafted to offer the strongest thin film finish and creative design. 

Cerakote is a ceramic based spray-on coating that when professionally applied will provide the best scratch, corrosion and chemical resistance to the firearm and any other parts coated. Cerakote comes in over 150 unique colors with many unique properties and styles. Elliot White Gun Co is proud to offer this high-quality finish to the firearms industry with his creative and skill built over 6 years in the industry and over 1,000 cerakote projects completed. Rest assured that when you get a firearm that has been coated at Elliot White Gun Co you are getting the best! 

The following photo content is all custom cerakote completed by Elliot White. If you want a custom cerakote project, click the Contact Us tab above or visit us in store, open 7 days a week.